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Groningen is a new adventure for you!

This multicultural city has far more to offer than bikes and its green sights. But you shouldn’t miss those either.

The landscapes here are marvelous. The picturesque old city is breathtaking with its lush green surroundings that go hand in hand with the house architecture. The small streets are full of beautiful Dutch houses.

Groningen is a lovely town where you will meet extraordinary people, always smiling and willing to have a chat no matter if it’s at a bar or in the park.

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A city that never sleeps

Groningen has also what was called the craziest street of Holland, Folkingestraat. The whole city emanates vitality, mostly because of the vivid sceneries and young people who study here.

Groningen is the place where you’ll see more bikes than people. There are in fact so many bikes here that at the central station is a parking lot only for bikes. And since we’re at the Central Station, you should visit it. It is an amazing historical place and what’s amazing about it is that you can play the piano while waiting for the train. And since Groningen is a student city, it is evident that the nightlife here is quite rich and diverse.

You can escape your world and have some drinks at one of the famous bars or clubs in the city. You’ll see many gorgeous escort Groningen ladies that will make you fall in love with the town. Even if Groningen is one of the oldest cities in Holland, it manages to stay young. It is one of the most lively and modern cities in the country, culturally diverse, with a breathtaking architecture. Over the years, Groningen has been a magnet for the young people.

Regarding history and art, you have a lot of places to see here.

Climbing the Grey Tower, the oldest and tallest building in town is an adventure itself, but once you’re at the top, the spectacular view will be fulfilling.

Another landmark on your map should be The Groningen Museum. You definitely won’t miss this building due to its unique design. It is best known for its exhibitions and the permanent collection of famous works by renowned international artists.

Visual beauty is highly appreciated in Groningen. That’s why at the Noor der Light you can admire permanent exhibitions of top-class, internationally acclaimed photographers. These are just a few of Groningen’s main touristic attractions. Speaking about visual beauty, do we need to mention again the superb escort Groningen models? You will be amazed...

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The ending is up to you. Give us a call and we will be glad to make your stay a real treat.

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